If you’re like me, you love the feeling of the sun against your back, something cool in your cup, a fluttery dress with flip flops, and an unknown shore to lie on! There’s something so enchanted about the summer sunrise and the breezy moments that sunset will bring.

I know some of you are thinking “I wish I did have sand against my back, I’m not traveling anywhere this summer!” Or “I can’t afford to do anything on my budget, travel is too expensive.” Well, I’m here to tell you that neither of those have to be your story! If you’re interested in making the rest of this summer memorable, I have 10 ideas for the dopest summer finale ever for you and your Great Girlfriends!

  1. Plan a day trip! Make the most of your Saturday by grabbing a couple of girlfriends and traveling to a nearby town for a day of exploration! Not only will you save on gas by partnering up, but you’ll have plenty of random moments to commemorate your travel excursions! Suggested activities: thrifting, local brunch, music festivals, or a historic town tour! Use #thegreatgirlfriends to share your pics with us!
  2. Travel Abroad! Log on to www.groupon.com to grab a last minute deal to a near or distant shore! I’ve had girlfriends grab trips to Europe for under $1,000 including air and lodging! This could be you! Set your budget, your time frame, and a place on earth that will make you feel alive! P.S. – if you’re unsure of where to go, ask for suggestions in our Facebook Group
  3. Grill with your girlfriends! Seriously, is there a better way to prepare your food? I don’t think so! Why not gather 3-5 girlfriends, a grocery list, music, games, and make it a party! Don’t wait on an invite to anyone else’s cookout, plan your own and let the fun begin! Don’t have a pool? Water balloons will suffice for now 🙂
  4. Visit a local music festival! Bands make us dance! Check your city’s event calendar for the lineup of all the summer concerts and get there! You’ll enjoy a sunset show with a local feel and music that feeds the soul! (p.s. don’t forget to bring your own lawn chair and cooler, IJS!)
  5. Summer closet swap! Ok ok, so you’ve worn your favorite summer dress, tunics, and frocks already, but what about swapping with a great girlfriend? Tip: Invite about 4 girlfriends over for summer clothing swap, and watch your wardrobe come alive again! (most effective when serving snacks and your favorite cock/mocktail)
  6. Start a summer finale fitness crew! Let’s face it: women are constantly working on something right? Whether it’s abs, thighs, calfs, or back flab, we can always locate an area to “love on”. So why not gather with a few girlfriends once a week, put your funds together, and hire a trainer to work out with the crew! Perks: you’re saving money, growing accountability, and eliminating that stubborn body fat ALL AT ONCE!
  7. Summer SWOON SERIES: Don’t we all love a beautiful day together? With all the accoutrements? How about setting a Summer Swoon Calendar with a few girlfriends and each one schedule a beautiful day of life and laughter! Invite your girlfriends to a remote location where they can rediscover a part of their ordinary world in an extraordinary way! (suggestions: art museum + discussion afterwards, picnic in the park, beauty themed slumber party, DIY paint and pizza party, dessert reception, etc)
  8. Head out to an amusement park! Come on, what says summer more than roller coasters, lemonade, ferris wheels, and funnel cake? Get with three of your girlfriends, hop in the car, and spend the day at your nearest amusement park! Remember: you’re only as young as you feel, so let your hair down and have some FUN!
  9. Let’s go biker girls! Well, bicycle girls but you get the point! Most cities have bike lanes these days, so isn’t it time that you put that car in park and take a bike ride around your city? Seriously, it’s such a cool way to experience the climate and culture of your city for FREE! And why not burn some calories along the way? (suggested tip: bring a great girlfriend with you and have smoothies afterwards! :))
  10. Volunteer at a local community garden! Yep, time to get that green thumb to work! Grab your favorite girlfriends and help harvest and clean in a local garden! Your community will thank you!

Remember: the final day of summer is September 22, so you’ve got over 6 weeks left to make this the best summer you’ve ever had!

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Keep shining girlfriends!