The Day Someone Calls You Mediocre… is the day you step up. Especially when you know there’s no mediocre bone in your body.

That was me. I recall the day when my character was challenged by that word. Mediocre…ME? NEVER…..

But wait, there was a resonating value in someone giving me that type of assessment – was that their impression of me based on what they know, or was I only giving a percentage of my capacity, withholding my best for a greater moment? I’m still pondering the truth on that one.

For you: are you an achiever who has lost the courage to rise up and be outstanding in your life? Have the distractions of circumstances dragged you below your standard? Are you measuring up to your own expectations each day? People can see you, from an internal point of value, to an external point of manifestation. Because we get our pulse from our heartbeat, our bodies express our heart’s desires in the way we live and the standards we set each day. I do not believe in living up to anyone’s standards but your very own. Still, I urge you to make the assessment of where you are, honestly, in your life, your relationships, your employment, your passions, and your ambitions. Sometimes, the only thing that keeps you from being outstanding is the courage to believe that you can be so. Yep, sometimes courage is the piece to a new puzzle that leads your life into places you’ve never been.

What’s your missing piece? Don’t think twice about it. Let it speak to you. What is your heart urging you to believe about what can be accomplished through your life? Step out of mediocrity and step into your outstanding life by doing the very thing that your heart desires.

Again, I know that there is no mediocre bone in my body. I know and believe that my life is outstanding and God-power propels me to each new level. But, I also know that if I don’t keep that vision in front of me, and courageously stand up for what I believe, I will fall into the complacency of other people’s expectations for my life, ultimately denying myself the ability to manifest God’s greatest powers in my life.

I won’t be me, I’ll be a watered down version of the person that everyone knows I can truly be.

So I’ll exchange mediocre for courage. I’ll make muscle out of those words that pierced my side and left me angry. I’ll dive deeper into God’s course of action for my life. I’ll make each day fulfilling according to God’s standard within me – my standard. Lastly, I’ll kiss mediocre goodbye.


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