About the Great Girlfriends

The Great Girlfriends Show, co-hosted by Sybil Amuti and Brandice Daniel, is a podcast conversation series created to connect women with daily tips and solutions for living a passionate life and building thriving businesses.  Serving up conversations that matter to women, this sensational podcast ranges in topics from starting a thrilling business to forgiving double crossing friends, to building an amazing love life and MORE!  Brandice and Sybil bring you candid, authentic, vulnerable conversation while also serving expertise, passion, inspiration, ambition, laughter, and solutions that can push every woman to the next level.  From building businesses from the ground up, to marriage, raising kids, surviving hardships, to building friendships, Brandice and Sybil fearlessly kickstart the conversations and share every facet of their world.

Why the Great Girlfriends?

With The Great Girlfriends Show, Brandice and I wanted to share all of the value that we’ve received from our dynamic friendships with women all over the world.

We want to gift all of our life lessons and business insights into women who are at the beginning of their journeys into business, marriage, parenting, and relationships, so that we can be a bridge for other women.

Wife to Rich, Mommy to Be, CEO of Harlem’s Fashion Row, Author, Coach, and Cupcake Lady!

I’m Brandice, a serial risk taker. From the age of 6 my mom called me her “faith baby”, meaning that I often jumped into the deep even then on faith. I started a company 8 years ago on faith and nothing else. No money, no connections, no resources. Today, the company grosses close to a half a million a year. We are well on our way to grossing a million a year. Every major win in my life has come from taking major leaps of faith and some of them have been crazy!

My girlfriends have acted as my business coaches, partners, cheerleaders, counselors, investors, and you name it. I have no idea what I would do without the incredible women in my life. Two years ago, I married a man who courted me like non other. He loved me unconditionally and stuck by my side in some of the most difficult moments of my life. He has brought me so much happiness and I’m so happy to be his wife. We are now expecting our first child. I’m excited and scared! I have no idea how this new life will impact our lives, but I’ve already jumped so here we go. I look forward to sharing my journey with you and hearing about your journey.

Life Enthusiast | In love with Kwaku | Obsessed with Sam and Dylan | Female Founder | Savvy Strategist | Problem Solver | Change Agent | Champion

I’m Sybil, a passionate change agent who loves to see women thriving in every area of their lives. As a woman, I am dedicated to pursuing all that God has for me each day and building a legacy that my kids can one day walk into with pride. As a wife, I am devoted to spending the rest of my life with Kwaku, my best friend, heart fire, and love machine! As a mom, I am so in love with Sam and Dylan I could cry typing this! I spend every day of my life adding positive value to this world so that they live in love and liberty in the future. As a strategist, I work with amazing corporate, celebrity, and personal brands to help influence their brand positioning in the marketplace. As a problem solver, I help to build bridges between the challenges and solutions that we approach each day. As a philanthropist, I support charities that provide food, education, and opportunities for women and children around the world. I consider myself THE most BLESSED woman on EARTH!

I’m so honored to be the co-founder and co-creator of The Great Girlfriends! Our mission is to deliver personal and professional development solutions that allow every woman to live an outstanding life each day. Thank you for sharing this journey with us!