Black History Maker – Memphis Legend Bertha Looney

Great Girlfriends, you’re in for a treat! Listen in to this week’s recording with living legend and civil rights change agent Bertha Looney. Ms. Looney found herself on the front lines of integration at the University of Memphis along with 7 other students who were the first African Americans to integrate the university.

Though Ms. Looney had different plans for her life, you’ll hear firsthand how her family and community moved her into activism and change that students around the world have all benefitted from.

This week, you’ll learn:

  1. What activism looked like for some change agents such as Bertha Looney
  2. How resilience and perseverance play a part in shaping a strong legacy
  3. Why we each need to locate our role as activists and change agents.
  4. The importance of staying the course and paving new roads for others.

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