I’m so grateful. Seriously. GGs, take note:

When I tell you I’m in love with my husband, I mean it! Kwaku is such an anchor in my life and a leader! Aaaah! 14yrs ago I didn’t think I was in the market for his type of love, in fact I dated polar opposites of him in so many ways. I move fast, he moves slow. My personality is big, and Kwaku is just cool. I jump out of canons, and he cruises in Cadillacs….we have different speeds and different perspectives but we put the two together and make #teamamuti come alive!

The fossils of my past are just that! Dry bones. Were those guys “bad” guys? Probably not, they just weren’t for me! And I certainly wasn’t for them.

Know this about me: I was very much into dating and not into marriage, had no interest in kids, and enjoyed living my solo lifestyle. I was cool on my own and didn’t require the company of anyone. So you can only imagine the intimidation I felt when I met this man who was interested in wifing me up and making a family! HOLD ON KWAKU! Wait a second, let me catch my breath!

But his love won me over. I literally found myself desiring to be his wife and the mother of his kids! 😳

So take it from me:

1. Learn when to let go of someone that doesn’t belong to you. If it’s love, you will feel it, be fully persuaded of it, and feel like life would be incomplete without it.I applaud MYSELF for letting go of every single dude that I dated before my husband. It took courage to believe that there was someone out there for me. Well, thank God we were both in position to love each other! (That’s code for we didn’t have any baggage, any leftovers, no residual nonsense hanging around)

2. Don’t force yourself to love someone that doesn’t love you. Be patient and be willing to stand up for what you deserve. Trust me ladies, I had people tell me they loved me, and then I met Kwaku, who truly loves me! Totally different.

3. Understand that your significant other may not come in pretty wrapping paper with a bow, like in the movies! Those are well scripted and casted dreams that leave many women feeling like they’re not getting a great guy if he doesn’t fit a script.Kwaku and I met each other with about $2 and a pocket full of dreams. We both had metro cards, roommates, and history. Now, we have about $6 😜, many dreams fulfilled, a whole bunch of kids (ok 2, but that’s 2 more than I ever dreamed of), a present, and a future.

4. Know this for sure: when you do meet your significant other, there will be a huge amount of WORK that goes into making 2 strangers become 1 unit. Kwaku and I resisted each other in so many ways, but we kept working through those kinks in the 3 yrs before we got married; and, now 10 yrs into marriage we still put in the WORK because we want to keep our love fresh! And no, we ARE NOT PERFECT. Nope, definitely not. But we are #teamamuti

Hopefully this post will give you a fast pass through some of what I learned through hard knocks!

And last but not least, I adore Kwaku Amuti and I want the world to know it!



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