“Dear White Women” with Mishasha and Sara

Dear white women, ____.

Listen in this week as I get to the root of what Dear White Women podcast founders Sara Blanchard and Misasha Suzuki Graham view as essential conversations to uproot systemic racism, starting with white women.

Dear White Women is an award-winning weekly podcast, since April 2019, dedicated to helping White women use their privilege to uproot systemic racism. Now, the podcasting pair have created an antiracism guide geared towards increasing greater accountability from white women and empowering them to actively engage in small everyday changes that create a world of difference.

Listen and learn:

  1. What inspired the birth of Dear White Women podcast and movement
  2. Why activating the power of white women is essential to uprooting systemic racism
  3. What questions white women need to ask to be more engaged in the transformation of American culture
  4. The small choices that every human can make on a daily basis to truly shape a different world.

You can learn more about Dear White Women here:

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