Ep 109: The Pivot Series -The Dreamer’s Journey with Teneshia Jackson Warner

Every now and again, you meet someone that inspires you to the core. The dreamers journey will require you to stretch! The stretch takes place between your comfort zone and the place where your dream lies! Teneshia talks about her stretch in this episode. She shifted from a nice corporate job at IBM to working for Russell Simmons. That experience led her to starting her own company, Egami Consulting Group, and creating the Dream Project. Today, she shares the details of her journey which includes the challenges she faced and the fear she had to overcome to pursue her purpose.

In This Episode You’ll Hear:

  1. When Teneshia knew it was time to quit IBM
  2. The meeting that changed her life
  3. What she did when she found out Russell Simmons gave her a fax number instead of a real number to his office
  4. Why she kept going despite her family’s “intervention”
  5. What dreamers have to be willing to face to win

Here are some links to resources Teneshia mentioned:

  • Book: Life and Def, Russell Simmons
  • Dream Project
  • Egami Consulting Group

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