Ep 115: Against All Odds with Lucinda Cross

We’ve all have dark moments but girlfriend, believe me when I tell you that our guest great girlfriend today, Lucinda Cross have known dark moments some of us may not have ever imagined.

Where most people would have given up hope on bouncing back, rising up and succeeding, Lucinda used her setbacks to shape her destiny. Now Lucinda, the author, visionary, teacher and coach is helping women all around the globe with her activation workshops, vision board kits and sharing her message, not just to women, but for everyone that “every setback is the perfect setup for a comeback.”

In this Episode you’ll hear:

  1. Who is Lucinda Cross and why she is the activator that she is
  2. How Lucinda’s time in prison changed her life
  3. How Lucinda held on that vision and struggle against all odds to get to where she is
  4. How she overcame being the best kept secret, the scarcity mindset and struggle mentality
  5. How to go through adversity

Visit to join Lucinda’s workshop happening in NYC on 11/11. You can also connect with her at, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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