Ep 117: This is How We Rise with Guest Girlfriend Claudia Chan

Girlfriends, we are in the third installment of our Against All Odds Series and we’ve had powerful great girlfriends share their inspiring stories on how they were able to prevail despite what seemed like impossible odds. Today we are again, fortunate enough that another great woman set aside time to share her knowledge and experience to help us rise against all odds.

Claudia Chan is a wife, mom, entrepreneur and author and in this episode she teaches us how to stay on top of things in this day and age where everyone and everything demands more of our attention, time and energy.

In this episode we will learn:

  1. How to be more strategic in investing our time and energy on things that really matter
  2. Why it is important to live a more proactive life instead of a reactionary one
  3. How to prioritize, organize and be the CEO of our own lives
  4. How women can rise and reach our highest potential by becoming purpose-centric leaders

Join Claudia Chan on the S.H.E. Summit happening on October 19-20 here in NYC. Don’t forget to grab her new book, This is How We Rise coming out next week. You can now preorder at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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