Ep 124: Life Lessons with Dr. Jackie Walters

Girlfriends! Christmas comes early today because we are giving you Dr. Jackie Walters of Married to Medicine. Dr. Jackie shares with us lessons she’s learned in life, at work and right in front of the spotlight.

What would you do if your spouse publicly humiliated you with a cheating scandal? How would you handle the healing process privately while living out your life publicly? How can your great girlfriends support you through the process?

We are telling you ladies, this is one conversation that you wouldn’t want to miss! So grab your pen and paper, find your quiet spot and be ready to hear it from a woman of impeccable character.

In this episode you will hear:

  1. Who is Dr. Jackie and what decisions lead her to become the woman that she is
  2. How she handles the challenges of her personal life and the demands of her work as a doctor and a TV personality
  3. What it means to love yourself so much to make sacrifices along the way
  4. How she is able to bounce back from her bout with the big C (cancer)

On top of her very full schedule, Dr. Jackie gives us more! Don’t forget to grab her latest book, Perfect Imperfections, written for every woman who is struggling not just with breast cancer but for every girlfriend who is struggling with things they are not comfortable with. You can get it at jackiemd.com or at the 50shadesofpinkfoundation.org. Share it with a friends!

Follow Dr. Jackie on Instagram @therealdrjackie and @DrJackieWalters on Twitter

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