Ep 141: The Author’s Corner: Editor in Chic with Mikki Taylor Pt 1

This week guest girlfriend, Mikki Taylor who just penned her phenomenal book “Editor in Chic” joins us. Mikki Taylor is an author, motivational speaker, producer, and Editor- at -Large, Essence Magazine. We could barely catch our breath as Mikki poured her knowledge and wisdom in this episode. Listen to this week’s episode, grab your pen and paper and have your finger poised on the rewind button. Trust us you are going to need it.

In this Episode

  1. Mikki tells us her journey of self-awareness and confidence
  2. Mikki expresses how the life she has is the life she wanted
  3. We discuss showing up prepared by getting to know who you are
  4. Mikki talks about learning to say “no” in love as a complete sentence
  5. Not ignoring or dulling down the alarm that has been ringing

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