Ep 142: The Author’s Corner: Editor in Chic with Mikki Taylor Pt 2

This week guest girlfriend, Mikki Taylor joins us for part two. If you haven’t listened to part one, go back and catch up, then join us as we continue this journey with Mikki Taylor. Mikki Taylor is an author, motivational speaker, producer, and Editor- at -Large, Essence Magazine and just penned her new book Editor in Chic.

Listen to this week’s episode, grab your pen and paper and have your finger poised on the rewind button. Trust us you are going to need it.

In this Episode

  1. We discuss the development of character and work required to receive your blessings
  2. Mikki explains how we must understand and go through the process.
  3. Failure does not dictate who you are
  4. Learning who you are is essential to reaching your best life

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