Ep 154: Summer Rewind – Love Is – Pt 2


When it comes down to it, love is an action verb that requires WORK. This week, we dive back into the topic of love and the work that is required to make it come alive in your life. We work hard at our jobs but we make sure we put in that much more into cultivating our healthy love filled marriages.

Listen in as we share with YOU the keys to manifesting the love you desire! Whatever your status, married, engaged, dating, single, this episode is for you.

  • We discuss the fiction and fairytale of a carefree life of love.
  • Brandice discusses understanding when to keep silent for the sake of maturing in your love walk with your partner.
  • We ask you, our great girlfriends are you willing to put in the work it takes to cultivate a lasting relationship.
  • We share some tips to approaching love with more realistic goals and ideas
  • Sybil tells us how she learned to love her husband diligently and how she shows what her love language is to her husband.

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