Ep 16: Faith – The Key Ingredient for Successful Entrepreneurship – (Guest Girlfriend: Kristen Pope)


Have you ever wondered how do you go from a job you hate to your dream job? It isn’t easy and often it seems downright insane, but it is possible. Listen as our special guest talks through her own story of success and what she learned along the way.

In this episode of the The Great Girlfriends, we sit down with one of our great girlfriends, Kristen Pope, award-winning journalist and tv woman. Kristen is also notably the catalyst through which TGG co-hosts met. She will give us the blueprint for how she developed a successful career by bridging faith and entrepreneurship.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How our special guest got her start working in media
  • How faith led Kristen Pope to foster her own successful career
  • Kristen’s 5 tips for the great girlfriend who has a job she hates, but has dreams to fulfill

Learn More About Our Special Guest

Visit Kristen at KristenLPope.com and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Check out her non-profit The King’s Daughters.

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