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Ep 166: REWIND – Learning to Receive

Today on the Great Girlfriends, we tackle the sensitive topic of receiving. We define receiving as “taking in, absorbing, consuming something positive or good without feeling like you owe something in return.” As women, we’re familiar with giving from sunup to sundown. However, when the time comes to receive, we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory and often shrink. In today’s throwback podcast, we’ll help you to better recognize and receive all of the good that comes your way.

In this podcast you’ll learn:

  1. The true meaning of receiving
  2. Why you might be unable to receive
  3. Four symptoms of a bad receiver
  4. Four markers of a good receiver
  5. Five ways to be better at receiving

Have a Second Listen

Episode 11: “No More Shrinking” and Episode 19: “Work/Life Balance – Can We Really Have It” are excellent companions to this episode. Take another listen and find out how it’s all connected.

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