Ep 167: REWIND – Secrets to Networking the Right Way

Break out those notebooks and pens as our Great Girlfriends pull out the special tools that they’ve used to become master relationship builders! What happens after you get that business card from that target contact? Or how do you make the connection without one? It’s more than just making an impression, it’s about making an impression that’s ‘hard to ignore’-and these ladies are going to tell you how…for FREE! Don’t miss out on these key points!

  • Do Your Research: To Study Them is to Know Them
  • Stand Out: Make The Call, Send the Card, Buy Lunch
  • Ready, Aim, Network!: Strategic Networking that Delivers Results
  • Extend Your Reach: Targeting Those Top Desired Connections
  • Building Relationships that Last Beyond the Company Work/Worked For
  • Give, Give, Give Ask: The Power in Adding Value to Someone Else before Asking For It

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