Ep 19: Secrets to Networking the Right Way (Guest Girlfriend: Tiffany Hardin)

Our Great Girlfriends loved our first “Secrets to Networking” episode so much that we decided to give the people what they want and create a Part 2! This time around, we invited one of our Great Girlfriends, Tiffany Hardin, to sit down and chat with us about how she’s mastered the business of networking. Tiffany is a brand consultant, entrepreneur, owner of Gild Creative Group, a culture and lifestyle enthusiast, and a Great Girlfriend to many! Listen in as she shares her vast experience with us!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. More about Tiffany’s path to success

  2. How to build meaningful relationships from networking

  3. How to expertly network in a room full of unfamiliar faces

  4. How to get into these networking events

  5. Four pieces of networking advice that Tiffany would like to impart to our listeners

Learn More about our Special Guest

Learn more about Tiffany Hardin through her personal website at Find out more about her consulting firm and the great work they’re doing at Be sure to also check out her latest project: a digital archive featuring women sharing what they know for certain at

Read This

Read up on the activist and thought leader, Tara Singh, whose words figure prominently in this episode. Also see The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell, a book highly recommended by Tiffany.

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