Ep 183: REWIND – The Ultimate Self Care Starts Within

When all else in our lives appears to be on track physically, financially, and mentally, spiritual care is that major part that solidifies our well-being and ties it all together. With so much in the world to disturb our peace, we’ve got to regain it by turning within. Today we share from our own faith perspectives on what truly makes us well. We encourage our Great Girlfriends to take these ideas of faith and introspection and carry them beyond the month of April.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  1. How Brandice & Sybil began to connect with the ultimate self-care
  2. How to stop pouring from an empty vessel
  3. Our #1 tips for ensuring the ultimate self-care
  4. The one thing we do daily to set an internal fire
  5. We announce some of our special guests for the Great Girlfriends Conference!

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