Ep 2: Love Is…

In Episode 2, The Great Girlfriends delve right into the topic that every woman has become well-acquainted with-love, or what we thought it was. Sybil and Brandice take that four-letter word and dare to ask, “What is love?” Many of us at one point have been confused by thinking we had it, or confused when it approached us and didn’t recognize it. In this 30 minute session, the ladies step out of their comfort zone, and point a microscope on love to challenge what it looks like. Here are some of the tidbits that seasoned that discussion:

  • Love: What Is It?! And what people think love looks like
  • Self-Love: Love Yourself and the Attraction Effect
  • The Damsel Effect: Needing a Man in the Right Way/Let A Man Be a Man
  • Complimenting Your Partner: What’s Your Unique Formula
  • True Love: Personal Stories On What It Looks Like
  • Being Exposed: Your Partner Seeing the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of You
  • The Best: Saying ‘No’ to Less Than What You Deserve
  • Great Girlfriends: Is Loyalty Enough?

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