Episode 29: The Entrepreneur’s Corner: Corpreneurship (Guest Girlfriend: Tiffany Warren)

Many of our listeners are women of all ages considering a move to entrepreneurship and starting something of their own, but where does one start? For our special guest, Tiffany R. Warren, that move to entrepreneurship began from within her company. Today she tells the story of how she brought her passion to work and grew that same passion into a non-profit celebrating it’s 10th year in 2016.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  1. The story of one “Corpreneur”
  2. The challenges of working one job while building another
  3. How friends can be the greatest aid to your success
  4. Tiffany R. Warren’s tips for building success

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Get in touch with Tiffany through social media @diverstar on Twitter and Instagram. Check out her non-profit ADCOLOR and follow what they have in store for 2016 on Twitter @ADCOLOR.

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