Ep 39: Self Care – #Sweatcheck with Guest Girlfriend El Brown

We’re kicking off Week 2 of our Great Girlfriends Self Care/Self Love Month discussing the place where the mind and the body converge: your physical wellness. As women, we’re in a constant journey with our bodies. Some of us may be in peak physical fitness, but many more of us are still working through the process of acceptance and building healthy practices. In this episode, we hear from El Brown, an author and physical wellness guru whose journey to wellness began with seeing herself in the mirror and not recognizing the woman she saw. Following her “Aha!” Moment, she took control of her physical health and inspired others to do the same.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  1. El Brown’s journey beginning with the all important “Aha!” Moment
  2. El discusses where she found the discipline to take back control of her body
  3. Our thoughts on defining your own meaning of physical wellness
  4. El’s advice for the great girlfriends lacking the willpower to reach new levels of physical wellness
  5. 5 Tips for those who want to lose a considerable amount of weight

Learn more!

Learn more about El Brown, our special guest, and her wellness journey by visiting her website:,

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