Ep 4: The Truth About Entrepreneurship


In Episode 4, Brandice and Sybil open up as they interview each other about their courage to pursue their separate but similar paths as entrepreneurs!  Both dig beyond their recognition and success to share with us how both of their dreams manifested, and still are!  While Sybil shares about her recent decision to get back to her life passions, Brandice takes us inside her long and continuing journey as a self-employed CEO.  Instead of giving us a bottled up recipe to high profits or another pyramid for us to navigate, they give every aspiring thought leader, visionary, and business owner, the keys to a life lived beyond societal expectations, with a focus on personal fulfillment.  Get ready to hear them dialogue on:

  • Stepping Out in Faith: Saying Yes to Your Purpose
  • Core Authenticity: Your Unique Brand
  • You: #1 Supporter and Needed Promoter
  • Am I Qualified for My Dreams? Approved!
  • Purpose: A Cause For More Than Yourself
  • No Fear of Failure


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