Ep 45: Achieving More: Fab Life Lessons with Guest Girlfriend Ebby Antigua

In this Month of More, our listeners have heard from several amazing women on defining what more means for them and how they live that truth out authentically. Oftentimes the discovery of what our more is can come through the experiences of loss and growing up. This is certainly true for our special guest, Ebby Antigua, the Creative Director of Latina Magazine. On today’s podcast, she discusses how she recognized what moments and things were especially important to her by taking example from the ones she lost and defining herself by her ability to foster great connections and breed positivity. Today she’ll speak on how owning her more brought about great things in her life.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  1. Ebby defines her more
  2. We discuss the need to be intentional with our lives
  3. Ebby explains what brought her to Latina Magazine
  4. How cleansing yourself of negativity can get you more
  5. How to navigate feeling intimidated or out of place

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