Ep 47: Being “Stratechic” with Guest Girlfriend Michele Thornton

No matter what stage of life or career you’re in, you still have options to consider and you can pivot well if you do it strategically. Today we’re going to talk with someone who has mastered the art of the pivot to help her to climb to new heights and lift others up as she goes. This “Stratechic” mindset of self-awareness is what makes Michele Thornton a powerhouse SVP at BET. This same idea can be applied to work and personal life to create a beautiful harmony. For her, it all starts with finding your purpose, making a promise to fulfill it, and having the vision to see it through. After that, all you need is courage.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  1. Michele defines what purpose means to her
  2. She talks about a pivot or two she has made and why
  3. How proper strategizing and support can make your next move a great one
  4. Her steps to asking for what you’ve earned
  5. Michele discusses how she maintains her own work-life harmony

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