Ep 49: Author’s Corner – Believing Bigger with Dr. Shante Bishop

We’ve all seen examples of how social media and reality television has created negative and highly exaggerated portrayals of who women of color are. For one woman, this overwhelming view of all the negative aspects of culture became too much and she decided to try to challenge that negativity. Our special guest, Dr. Shanté Bishop, challenged this negative image with strategic positivity and a plan to believe in something bigger than the falsehoods of social media or reality television. Once Dr. Shanté walked into her calling, the rest was history. On today’s podcast, Dr. Shanté is going to discuss how she found her calling and why it’s so important to her to have positive examples of thriving women of color.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  1. Who Dr. Shanté really is
  2. How Dr. Shanté started portraying positive images of women and why it’s so important
  3. What her book, Believe in Bigger, is about and its tangible takeaways
  4. The point in her life when she found there was no turning back in pursuing her calling
  5. How Dr. Shanté is healing and moving past “daddy issues”

Learn more!

Learn more about Dr. Shanté Bishop and events she’s hosting in the future by visiting her website at http://DrShanteSays.com/. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @DrShanteSays. And be sure to buy a copy of her new book, Believing In Bigger here: https://www.amazon.com/Believing-Bigger-Day-Faith-Journey-ebook/dp/B01A2LCO6Y.

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