Ep 5: Walking Away from Friendships


Ok ladies, take a deep breath on this one. Brandice and Sybil continue to turn up the heat and pose the eyebrow raising question, “How do you know when a friendship has run its course?” I’m sure that there is a good group of us who had no idea that this can even happen.  Tune into the 5th installment and hear these Great Girlfriends evaluate every angle of the at times, sensitive, but important issue of friendships.  As these ladies focus on the importance of growth and change, get ready to expand and grow as they share from their diverse experiences in this field:

  • The Question: Does every relationship have an expiration date?
  • Friendship Philosophies: What do you believe friendship is?
  • Different Needs in Different Seasons
  • Friends with Mutual Benefits
  • Pulse Check: Are you in tune with your friend?

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