Ep 52: Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

If you’re a great girlfriend anywhere in the United States plugged into the news or social media, you’ve likely heard about the tragic killings that took place last week. They were horrible and the lives lost are still on our minds. These happenings prompted us to think about the role that perspective plays in how people go out into the world and what they do there. We want more good in the world, but you can’t create a good world or a good life without the right perspective. In this episode we discuss how this perspective can impact your choices and how you can begin to rewire your brain to maintain a positive outlook.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  1. The drawbacks of negative perspective
  2. How the difficulties in life are a test of faith that you can pass
  3. Why you may have developed a negative outlook
  4. How to seek and reify positive perspective

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