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Ep 55: 5 Myths About Faith

Ep 55: 5 Myths About Faith

You’ve watched us walk in faith from the start of this podcast a little over a year ago through our first conference and speaking engagements. We stepped out on faith and chose to do what God was calling us to do. Maybe that sounds all fine and well for us to take a leap of faith, but you can’t imagine doing the same in different areas of your life. We’re here to dispel that thought . In this podcast we’re discussing the five myths about faith, which are often the claims that we make about why faith won’t work for us or how it has failed in the past. We’re here to tell you: faith works and it is for you too. In this episode we discuss why you should give faith a chance to work in your life and how to manage your faith in the face of doubt.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  1. Our definition of faith
  2. Five myths about faith
  3. How to trust in God’s timing
  4. Why faith needs to be applied everywhere
  5. Why your walk of faith is tailored to you

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