Ep 56: Momma Please! 3 Ways to Respect Your Parents While Living Your Own Life

A disagreement between mother and daughter is hardly uncommon. For instance, you tell your mom you want to try a career path she’s never even heard of and she shuts it down immediately and tries to “knock some sense into you.” An argument might certainly ensue. Despite what you may think, this scenario is not limited to angsty teenagers and their beleaguered parents. This discord often occurs between generations and is something that could easily last a lifetime if you don’t know why it happens or how to unify these opposing viewpoints. From our experiences on both sides of arguments like these, we’ve come to a few conclusions. In this episode we discuss how you can pursue a life of your own choosing while still giving them the respect due.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  1. Why we should set ourselves free from these pressures on mothers and children
  2. How parental pressure can wire you to live someone else’s life
  3. Why you should have your own experiences and develop your own wisdom
  4. Why you it’s time to assess what you, and not your parents, really want
  5. Three ways to respect your parents while living your own life

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