Ep 60: It’s Time to Take Flight

You might catch yourself saying, “Ouch!” throughout this episode, but you’re not the only one. Today we’re discussing taking flight, one of our favorite topics. This metaphor can be translated into several aspects of your life, whether it be your career, your love life, or the adventures you want to take. Maybe you’re keeping all of these things in the queue, but not moving them forward. So, what’s holding you back? What ideas are you sitting on, but not making any moves for? We’re discussing how we choose fear and doubt in our lives over that which has been given to us by God. When you surrender to your calling and choose to stick with, your pilot, whatever plane you’re in will reach the right destination.

In This Episode You’ll Hear
1. The definition of taking flight
2. What it means to stay on the ground
3. Five reasons our planes stay grounded
4. Some truths that God wants us to know
5. Three ways we can take steps to taking flight

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