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Ep 61: Overcoming Emotional Pitfalls

Ep 61: Overcoming Emotional Pitfalls

There are times when any one of us might just want to “pop-off” and throw our cultivated patience and strength of character to the side. It would be so easy to write something petty on social media, send a passive aggressive text, or start an altercation at an event. However, that’s not the character we want to portray or represent. Instead of letting our emotions spill out everywhere, we need to challenge ourselves to tame the emotional rollercoaster and be steady. If we can take control of these emotions, we can control of our outcomes. In this episode, we’re discussing why the cost of letting your emotions get the best of you is too high and how you can stop the rollercoaster.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  1. Definition of emotional rollercoasters
  2. The emotional mistakes we make
  3. The challenges that arise when you ride the emotional rollercoaster
  4. Five solutions to stop the emotional rollercoaster

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