Ep 64: Coming Together with Guest Girlfriend Jennifer Rudolph Walsh

In the past we’ve discussed the need for vulnerability to allow great things into our lives. We know that it’s not easy because we have so many great girlfriends reaching out with the fear of the unknown future. Although we can’t tell you what’s going to happen next for you, we can tell you that vulnerability is necessary and well worth it despite the discomfort. Our special guest, Jennifer Rudolph Walsh, is living proof of that fact. Jennifer is a wife, mother, and accomplished publisher responsible for publishing over a hundred New York Times Best Sellers. She’ll tell you herself that her path was not an obvious one, but being led by purpose and allowing the unknown has made all the difference. She’s going to discuss those things that got her here and keep her moving forward including vulnerability, purpose, and authenticity.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

1. Why you should let go of comparisons

2. Where your mission and purpose lie

3. How accepting the unknown only brings you closer to where you’re supposed to be

4. How finding your unique purpose changes your everyday

5. More about Jennifer’s passion including the “Together” Tour

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