Ep 67: It’s All About Perspective 

There’s the age old analogy that some see the glass half full while others see the glass half empty. Although the amount in the glass is the same, those that see it half full will always have more to drink. The reason why is simply a matter of perspective. Perspective is life altering because it allows you to filter any situation through a lens of your choosing with both positive and negative outcomes depending on your inclination. Your perspective sets the boundaries of what you can and cannot do in this lifetime. We encourage you to use that. Today we’re sharing what perspective means and why it might be time to consider and reset yours if you’re not seeing or feeling the results you want.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  1. The definition of perspective
  2. How we develop our point of view
  3. How your perspective can play tricks on you
  4. Three truths we’ve learned
  5. Five ways for you to change your perspective

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