Ep 80: Part 1 of Exponential Living with Sheri Riley

Our great girlfriends know that one of the major questions we face as women is how to find balance as we juggle relationships with career, family, faith, and ourselves. In this week’s episode we have special guest Sheri Riley here to show us how she does it. As an empowerment speaker, life strategist, author, wife, and mother, Sheri is no stranger  to a full plate. Yet, she’s found a way that works for her to make life better and fuller even still. In part one of Exponential Living, Sheri’s tells us her story of great milestones, setbacks, and pivots that led her to where she is now and how she continues to grow.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  1. Sheri’s story
  2. How Sheri’s dreams were busted and then realized
  3. Why professional milestones don’t have to stop your personal growth
  4. Making the shift from corporate life to entrepreneurship
  5. Three things Sheri wishes she had known before starting a business

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