Ep 91: Turning Pain Into Punchlines with Guest Girlfriend Judy Carter

If there’s anyone who can pick you up when you’re down, it’s a good comedian. Today’s special guest has made a career out of making people laugh and helping them to break through the difficulties in their lives. Judy Carter is a comedian, author, and public speaker who began her career doing stand-up comedy on the road and continued to transform her career long after she hung up her act. Now, Judy teaches people how to live through comedy. Part of her message is that the most painful parts of life can be reinvented through the lens of laughter. We’re going to hear from Judy how she teaches people to transform through comedy.

In This Episode You’ll Hear

  1. Judy’s story from comedy to public speaking

  2. How Judy started to turn pain into punchlines

  3. Her experience hustling in a male-dominated industry

  4. How we can locate humor in the middle of drama

  5. Judy teach us how to write a joke

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Find out more about comedian, author, motivational speaker, and magician Judy Carter on her website at Get her book, The Message of You, at Follow Judy @JudyCarter and Judy Carter Comedy on Facebook or just Google her.

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