Ep 6: How To Rise Above Disappointment

Was there a promotion that you thought you deserved and someone else ended up getting it? Or have you had a relationship that didn’t turn out as planned? Disappointment may be a part of our everyday lives, but in episode #6, Brandice and Sybil tell us about some of their run-ins with disappointment, and the different ways that they have learned to overcome it in their daily lives. To hone it all in, they reveal a few but very simple, but practical steps for us to navigate through this uncomfortable emotion, and re-route ourselves towards a path that focuses on choosing happiness, self-celebration, and a resolve to bounce back from any situation. Here are a few of the points that they touch on:

  • The Signs and Symptoms of Disappointment
  • Level Setting: Emotions in Check
  • Forgiveness: An Important to Step to Moving Forward
  • Holding Your Tongue: Watching What You Say Next
  • Recurring Disappointment: the Need for Change
  • The Lessons Learned From Disappointment

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