Ep 9: Faith Is?

Do you believe in the impossible? Or do you have goals that extend outside the realm of realistic?  The ‘active’ ingredient in both of these scenarios is FAITH!  Without realizing it, our everyday lives are affected by this principle…Whether it’s waking up, or taking a plane, or believing for $20,000 to start your business, all of these things require faith.  In episode 9, the Great Girlfriends dissect the definition of faith, and share how faith is behind their great accomplishments as women, entrepreneurs, mothers, and more!  You’ll leave this episode not only encouraged, but with some practical tools that will bridge the gap between the impossible and reality.

  • What is Faith? According to the Great Girlfriends
  • Faith In Action: How We Use It for our Everyday Lives
  • Big Goals: The Stuff Faith is Made For
  • Fear: the Faith Blocker

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