Hey Great Girlfriends!


When I was single, I didn’t own a plant or a pet, I had very little responsibility but I never got around to growing my business. When I got married, the desire lingered but I thought I was too busy so it remained just a dream. Now I’m a mom of two boys and my productivity coaching business is flourishing!

I’m excited to share about productivity because it’s one of my favorite topics! Have you ever gone to a conference, felt inspired, vowed to make a change then went back to life as usual? Better yet, how did you do on those New Year’s resolutions? Did you lose the weight, quit the habit or accomplish the goals? A few months ago, I started a productivity challenge, kept the participants accountable and it warms my heart every time I receive a call or text about the success they are experiencing. This is my way of empowering others to achieve their dreams because productivity is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.

The reason we don’t accomplish our goals is not that we are tired or incompetent, it’s because we lack the support we need to create positive habits. Productivity relates to achieving the desired result and requires efficiency and strategy. Let’s not confuse activity with productivity. Being busy does not necessarily mean you are being productive.

I’ll share my story. It has always been my dream to start a coaching business. What changed?

1. Desire – my desire to see women accomplish their goals became stronger because my passion was tied to something more significant. #Purpose. I want to die empty knowing that I fulfilled my purpose. That desire prompted me to set a deadline for starting my business because a goal without a deadline and an action plan is merely a daydream.

2. Mindset – Motherhood is not a graveyard, Motherhood is not where dreams go to die! Instead of saying “I can’t achieve my goals because I have children”; I thought “I have children so I have to achieve my goals.#Legacy. I had to get rid of all the excuses, quit playing small and stop limiting myself with wrong thinking. I know I can achieve anything my mind can conceive so I had to change my mindset and believe that I am enough, I have enough, and there is enough. This is exactly what I tell my clients to help them accomplish their dreams!

3. Action – I started working on my goals because mediocrity and complacency were not viable options. I like to write down my goals, break them up into bite-sized pieces, execute and revise as necessary. This is how I started my coaching and I employed the same steps when I had the desire to write a book. I kept waiting for the perfect opportunity to work on the chapters. I knew that if I spent one hour, I would eventually make a huge dent. That perfect opportunity never came so I had to make a shift. My new goal was to work on my book for ten minutes Monday through Friday. I set my alarm and some days the momentum picked up and I wrote longer. Other days, I literally wrote for ten minutes but I celebrated the ten-minute accomplishment. Two months later, I had my second book completed!

4. Support – I put in the time, energy and sweat equity and then my cheerleaders and accountability partners showed up. They kept me motivated when I became discouraged or hit roadblocks. Why would I need help if I wasn’t doing anything? The provision comes with the vision! My family and friends realized that I was serious about accomplishing my goals and supported me in different ways. Some kept me accountable and checked in on me to keep me encouraged; some offered to play with my children so I could have quiet time to work and others acted as sounding boards to develop ideas.

So my message to you is you are enough, you have enough and there is enough. The beauty is that we get a new start every day, so don’t wait until next week, next month or the new year to work on your goals. I’m challenging you to start today!

Rose-Anne Uwague is a Productivity Coach who works with clients to achieve their goals through introspection, accountability, renewed perspective, and humor. She is passionate about igniting purpose to help women identify and achieve their goals. Rose-Anne Uwague has been nicknamed “The Igniter”. She challenges women to set milestones, tackle their vices and operate in their power by accomplishing their mission. As a Life Strategist, she distinguishes her productivity coaching by helping her clients pursue harmony, employ grace and strategy rather than hustling, grinding and struggling.


She is also an author, wife, mother of two boys and corporate mompreneur. She is the author of 7 lbs 13 ozs: A Spiritual Journey to Motherhood; and Plug In: A Woman’s Charge to Pursue Harmony. She is the founder of RUBE, an empowering cosmetic campaign which is a reminder to cultivate inner beauty while enhancing outer beauty. She loves to travel to explore and experience new cultures and speaks Basic Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Connect with her by web, email or Instagram