Here I Stand with Tameka Foster Raymond

How do you overcome death, divorce, public misconception, judgement, and unbearable pain only to rise again?

You stay in a beautiful state. A peaceful joyful state.

And that’s what Tameka Foster Raymond did. After overcoming the divorce in a high profile marriage and losing her son Kile along with other moments of despair, Tameka shares her story of strength in a beautiful memoir titled “Here I Stand.” This memoir is a gritty, honest, and girl power story of rising above the ashes and doing keeping your joy complete.
Listen and learn:

  1. How Tameka keeps on keeping on
  2. How to move forward “when bad things happen to good people.”
  3. Why great girlfriends MUST be in your toolkit as you navigate the corridors of life
  4. How to make your life what you want it to be!

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