How to Be Radically Content with Jamie Varon

What does it mean to be “radically content?”

What is the difference between being complacent and being content?

Our guest this week, Jamie Veron, breaks it all down alongside her new book “Radically Content.”

Listen and learn:

  1. How to create a sense of contentment right where you are
  2. How to appreciate the journey and celebrate the present
  3. How to overcome the feelings of fear and failure
  4. Why Jamie has written this book to connect every woman to the reward of contentment

About Jamie Veron
Jamie Varon’s writing has been seen across the internet for over a decade, from her early days of personal blogging all the way to features in Teen Vogue, HuffPo, GOOD, Complex, and many more. Over the years, both her long-form essays and short-form prose have garnered millions of reads and views, using her signature style of combining personal story with universal themes.Her debut work of nonfiction is the culmination of years of personal growth and healing.Jamie has never shied away from sharing the many authentic facets of being human—and Radically Content is no different.Searingly honest, it chronicles Jamie’s journey from the depths of self-hatred, depression, and anxiety into the lightness of self-love, self-trust, and hard-won joy and happiness.

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