How to Keep It Real with Dr. Angela Anderson and Candace Morgan

It’s time to Just Be Real Sis!

How many times have you hovered over a tough convo without ever hitting the nail on the head?

How often do you feel cornered by someone who pushes past your boundary and fails to ask permission?

When is ok to be real with someone?

And today, we get transparency and truth from fellow podcasters and Dr. Angela Anderson and Candace Morgan. Dr. Anderson is the #1 Amazon international best-selling author of Now What?! Get OVER Yourself and MOVE! and an organizational expert. She dedicated over 200 hours of coaching online through her Instagram Show “Live with Dr. Angela.” Candace Morgan is a tech executive and co-creator of their popular podcast Just Be Real Sis, where they focus on bridge building conversations from diverse points of view.

Listen and learn:

  1. How to engage in complex conversations without the awkwardness
  2. How to protect your boundaries when feeling cornered
  3. When to keep it real and say what needs to be said
  4. How to keep and create safe space

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