Love Delivered with Lisa & Latham

Did you know that black mothers/birthing people are between 3 to 4 times more likely to die due to childbirth or childbirth related causes than their white counterparts- with 60% of these deaths classified as preventable? Sadly, this is the reality that Black mothers/birthing people face. Thankfully, Carol’s Daughter and its founder, beauty pioneer Lisa Price in partnership with the Mama Glow Foundation and its founder, the world-renown doula Latham Thomas teamed up to bring their vision, Love Delivered to life!

Love Delivered aims to bring increased awareness to the Black maternal health crisis and shine a light on ways that Black birthing people and families can be empowered before, during, and after birth.

Grab your pen and paper and listen and learn:

  1. As a black woman, things you don’t know, but should know.
  2. How we can actively be problem solvers.
  3. The importance of controlling your birthing process.
  4. The negative impact systemic racism has on our medical system.
  5. The things we need to disrupt regarding Black maternal health.
  6. What kind of questions and conversations one can kickstart to make sure we are protecting our sisters?

Love Delivered Website:

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