Magic Mavens – Collaboration Over Competition

The idea of competing with another woman is so stale…still many great girlfriends find themselves wondering if there are enough resources to go around. Or, if they’re even in the right market to make big things happen. This week we’re giving you a dose of the energy from the 2019 Doers and Disruptors Conference, where we had 4 power collaborators on the stage to discuss how the female force should work when we come together.

Listen and learn:

  1. The mindset of a collaborator
  2. How thinking small affects your ability to do big things
  3. How introverts and extroverts can make the most of any room
  4. To DM or not to DM? That is the question!
  5. How to talk numbers in a trusted friend circle
  6. Why safe space is essential to every relationship

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