No Bystanders – Black Lives Matter

Happy Juneteenth!

Are you feeling tired and empowered at the same time? We are too. When grief and hope intersect, there’s a range of internal emotions that we all need to sort through in an effort to rise to the occasion as the change agents that we are.

Listen this week and hear:

  1. My whole heart concerning this moment in history
  2. The invitation and opportunity of black lives matter
  3. Why bystanding is no longer an option
  4. How you can take action right where you are
  5. Books and organizations to help steer your movement!

Let’s keep our foot on the gas and show the world how to create lasting change in our country and ultimately our world. Remember to share this episode with every great girlfriend in your digital ROLODEX (haha!) and share your reviews on iTunes! #thegreatgirlfriends #blacklivesmatter

Listen now and share your iTunes review! #thegreatgirlfriends

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