I read an alarming statistic on Forbes.com that only 92% of people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions. I lived in the 92% for a long time and I knew it was possible to be a part of the 8%; I just had to figure out how! Every year I made the ambitious goal of losing 20 pounds and every year I did the same things I did the previous year so I remained in the 92%. I told myself I would only eat dessert on special occasions but here’s the thing: I’m the “celebrate a birthday for a month” kind of girl. In short, I’m an optimist and I thought every day was a special occasion! Womp womp! So here I was eating sea salt caramel ice cream, delectable cheesecake and scrumptious macadamia nut and oatmeal raisin cookies expecting to lose weight! Consider the fact that I am the mommy of two boys and I gained a total of 54 pounds during my pregnancies. Let’s not forget that I did not like going to the gym or exercising. I also didn’t want to be the mom who couldn’t keep up with boys when they wanted me to chase them or play ball with them. Even though Hadar is 3 years old and Othniel is only 1 year old, I still think about the mother-son dance at their wedding and no-one is going to dance in my place because of self-inflicted diseases causing a premature death.

I bumped into a quote from a wise guy “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.” OK, now Albert Einstein that was a bit harsh but I’m not crazy and I get it. I knew that I couldn’t continue to treat my body like a garbage dump and expect it to support me as I live out my legacy and fulfill my purpose. This didn’t negate the fact that I didn’t like working out or that I still enjoy delicious food, I just started making wiser choices about what I consumed and instead of depriving myself completely, I worked on developing a healthy relationship with food. Also, I replaced taking the subway one stop during my commute to and from work and I walked.

Here’s what I noticed, I was making excuses for my poor eating habits and I was saying yes to a life of sickness and disease. It simply boiled down to your mindset and the fact that I didn’t want the weight loss enough. When I want something, I do what I need to do to get it. When I am hungry, I don’t make excuses, I get up and I either make food or you buy food. In the same way, when you are hungry to achieve your goals, you know longer make excuses. What is it that you have failed to accomplish every year because of excuses, poor decisions or bad habits? It’s time to reclaim your time!

I always had the desire to write a book, but my desire to travel, sleep and spend time with my great girlfriends was stronger. When my desire to write a book became a priority, I stopped making excuses about not having enough time or resources, I set specific and manageable goals and I started a writing challenge with friends to keep each other accountable. I committed to ten minutes on my lunch break and used the Do Not Disturb phone feature. As momentum developed I wrote longer and more frequently. I guarded precious asset of time and those ten minutes became non-negotiable because I said yes to my goals. Today I am the author of 7lbs 13 ozs: A Spiritual Journey to Motherhood and Plug In: A Woman’s Charge to Pursue Harmony.

So let’s put it all together, how did I write a book in two months?

1.    Change the way you think and adopt an “abundance” mindset – stop telling yourself that you aren’t enough, there isn’t enough and you don’t have enough

2.    Write down your goals and keep them in front of you – What are your goals? What are the specific steps you need to take to accomplish them? How much time will you commit?

3.    Eliminate distractions and vices – Is it social media, TV, shopping, eating out? Where are you spending or wasting time and money? I learned the vocabulary of NO. If something did not align with my goals, I became unapologetic about saying no.

4.    Ask for help – I burned my superwoman cape. I couldn’t be everything to everyone and I admitted when I needed help. As a Productivity Coach, author, wife, mom, friend, employee, volunteer, etc. I wanted to ensure that I maintained harmony in all my other commitments and sometimes that required that I asked someone to help me with my children so I could accomplish a goal. Get an accountability partner or hire a productivity coach to help you reclaim your time and achieve your goals.

5.    Celebrate your accomplishments and milestones – Acknowledge that you are rocking out your goals, don’t trivialize or downplay your greatness! This can be a simple affirmation “I’m dope!”; a treat like a favorite candle or bubble bath or calling your great girlfriends to celebrate with you.

Great Girlfriends, grab your pen and paper and listen in to Episode 126!

Rose-Anne Uwague is passionate about igniting purpose to help women identify and achieve their goals, Rose-Anne Uwague has been nicknamed “The Igniter”. She challenges women through accountability and introspection to set milestones, tackle their vices and operate in their power by accomplishing their mission. As a Life Strategist, she distinguishes her productivity coaching by helping her clients pursue harmony, employ grace and strategy rather than hustling, grinding and struggling.

She loves to travel to explore and experience new cultures and speaks Basic Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Connect with her by web, email or Instagram