Sweet Resiliance with Eat Good NYC

What do Beyonce, Gigi Hadid, the New York Knicks, and Cardi B all have in common?

Cupcakes…because food is love!

This week I’m chatting with cupcake lover, fashion creative, and travel enthusiast Carolina Wang, the co-founder of Eat Good NYC. Carolina and her boyfriend Benny founded this cupcake brand from their apartment in NYC as a means of fusing their passions for art and food together. With a ton of grit and a dedication to their craft, Eat Good NYC has become a fixture in the mouths of celebrities, entertainment brands, and iconic social moments that give Carolina and Benny proof that their passion has a larger place in the world.

Listen and learn:

  1. How to turn your lightbulb moment into a brand
  2. How to door knock your way into opportunities
  3. Why partnership is a powerful tool for executing your big ideas
  4. Top lessons from Carolina on entrepreneurship

Special thanks to Chameleon Coffee for powering this conversation!

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