The Entrepreneur’s Corner with Melissa Tavvs

How far can your love for ice cream take you? Really far!

We’ve partnered with Chameleon Coffee to share The Entrepreneur’s Corner, a series of stories from the hearts and minds of successful women entrepreneurs.

This week, I sat down with ice cream connoisseur and business founder Melissa Tavvs of Tipsy Scoop to discuss her journey from being an ice cream lover to a household name with brick and mortar shops that sell liquor-infused ice cream! #yummy

Listen and learn:

  1. How Melissa’s family legacy in ice cream inspired her to take the brilliance of her idea and start a movement
  2. How Melissa created a rock star team of doers to build her infrastructure.
  3. Why Melissa keeps going (not even a pandemic could stop her!)
  4. What women need to know starting out.


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