Thriving in the Great Resignation with Kristen Harris

Is your career calling for change? Are you ready to ask for more?

Well, you’re not alone. The Great Resignation is REAL and you may very well be a part of it.

What is The Great Resignation? The shift of 33 million Americans who quit their jobs since the middle of the pandemic.

Where are they now? Where are you now?

This week we discuss this pivot with Kristen Harris, Vice President of DEI for Hallmark. Kristen was in the same position when she realized that her dream job had yet been created. Instead of exiting a long standing career in corporate, she curated the next chapter with her passion and thought leadership.

Listen and learn:

  1. How to make a shift when your life is calling for more.
  2. How Kristen turned her exit into a career entrance into diversity and inclusion
  3. Why women need sponsors in addition to mentorship
  4. How to evolve and bring culture and inclusion along as well

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