Wrath and Greed with Shaun Robinson

Many will recognize Emmy-Award winning journalist and television personality Shaun Robinson for her more than 10 years in front of the camera hosting Access Hollywood.

But her work as an entertainment journalist is just one of the many facets of her distinguished career. She is also an author, philanthropist, actress and producer.

Shaun is the executive producer of two new Lifetime original movies, Wrath (which premiered on April 16) and Greed (premiering on April 23) – the next two installments of the network’s Seven Deadly Sins Movie Anthology. Shaun made her debut last year as a movie executive producer with Lust and Envy which began the anthology.

The movies are based on books by bestselling author Victoria Christopher Murray. Shaun helped bring Victoria’s stories to life.

Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Story premiered last weekend on Lifetime. You can catch an encore presentation on Saturday April 23 at 6pm. It stars Michelle Williams (of Destiny’s Child fame), Tina Knowles-Lawson (Beyonce’s mom), Romeo Miller (who many remember as Lil’ Romeo) and Antonio Cupo.

Greed: A Seven Deadly Sins Story premieres Saturday, April 23rd at 8pm on Lifetime. The movie stars Monique Coleman, LisaRaye McCoy, Eric Benet and Nathan Witte.

The movies are not only entertaining thrillers that will keep you on the edge of your seats, but they are also great examples of the evolution of value-based entertainment. These are modern movies with a message and lessons to be learned.

Shaun established the S.H.A.U.N. Foundation for Girls, which nurtures and supports under-served and underrepresented girls and young women in the areas of Stem, Health, Arts, Unity, Neighborhoods.

Listen and learn:

  1. How Shaun has sustained a long standing career in Hollywood
  2. Why Wrath and Greed are two timely value based films for the world to watch
  3. How Shaun approaches relationship mastery
  4. What we can expect from Wrath and Greed as parts three and four of a seven film series

You can learn more about Shaun here:

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