You are the One with Kute Blackson

You are the one great girlfriend!

And our guest this week thinks so as well.

Kute Blackson comes from a long line of spiritual leaders and works with people from all walks of life, offering his own uniquely powerful process to transform lives from the inside out.

Listen in this week as Kute shares powerful lessons from his life’s work and his new book The Magic of Surrender.

With everything going on in the world, there’s never been a more important time to discuss the topic of surrender. The Magic of Surrender is a guide to move you past inner struggle to discover the power of letting go of control and how letting go leads to more. Typically surrender is considered passive. Kute wants to show people it isn’t about giving up, it’s about being strong and courageous. It’s about tapping in. This inspiring book shows how surrender is a key factor in the lives of so many great people throughout history and shows how readers can move past barriers in their life to discover the freedom and possibility on the other side of surrender.

Grab your copy of the book and learn more about Kute at

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